Freaking sweet dream! But whats it mean?

ok. this dream is all about selena gomez. (shes a teen celebrity that i have a huge crush on. were the same age so its cool) so she came to my house (i dont think there was a reason) but we really like clicked. (i know its sounds corny) but we were talking and stuff and we had a ton of stuff in common.

today i read in my sisters magazine that she loves shy and honest guys. i am shy and honest.

then we went to my aunts house who lives in north carolina. i live in new england. and my aunt has 2 dogs in real life but in the dream she had like 5. and they were like all over the house, which was all messy. and i didnt want her to be mad because of this so i suggested that we left.

we were also at my neighbors house for some reason and i asked her where she goes trick or treating. and she said i dont go trick or treating then laughed. then i said well neither do i, i was just wondering if you did. then we walked back to my house together and we talked more. (random haha)

but ya i think she wanted to continue seeing me and stuff. then i woke up (of course) this probably means i just have a crush on her but i just wanted to break it down. thanks!

Answer on Freaking sweet dream! But whats it mean?

This is a wish dream. Yu feel that yu can be the best BF for her ever and that SHE wants youas her BF

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