Please help! I really want her back! relationship problems!?

hey everyone can please have some advise?

well me and my girlfriend have been having problems and today before i leave to school her sister and my sister say that my Girlfriend told them that she was going to break up with me. she didn't just tell them she told all her friends, and they said she sounded happy. she said " before this day ends im going to be single!". so i get to school and first period we don't have the same class. so i act all bad to get my mind off of things, because i was so nervous. well here come AP world history and she ignores me. she ignored in all my classes. it seemed odd to me that friday she was rubbing all over me and she now wants to break up with. she said her friends only talk about inapproprate stuff and she still hangs with them. she doesn;t even say hello to me. but in our fourth period we had a test and she let me use her book. out of nowhere? but then she doesn't have the courage to talk to me but she tells everyone she is single!? so i talk to her and she says " yes i want to be single". and i start laughing and shes smiling then i tell her " this is not what i want, but i can move on, I Love You and i respect your decision. your not anything i need, your something i want and Love. but if thats what you want then OK i respect it. but if you want we don't have to break up. we can take a break." so we decided to take a break and now she is like all happy about meeting other guys and stuff. she wants to meet other guys and be with her friends allot now.she wants to take a break fr a month and a half to meet new people because she is going to Europe next week, and she says because she is going she will need more time to meet other guys, ahe also says she wants to be single on facebook to get more guys on their .i would really like to know how to get her to see that no one will treat the way i do because every guy that likes her only wants her for her for body and she knows that. so can any one please be kind enough to give me a hand and give me some advise to get her to come back to me and so she can see that i'm the one for her. she got mad at me because i wanted to put out some rules that other guys can't tickle her. this happened yesterday by the way.

so she broke up with me today well i did in the respectful way. I did because it was what she wanted and i tried to be mature. she always says now that its common sense that the first boy you meet will not be the one for you so she wants to go after guys. this is getting me jealous because a band came to our school to day and played. she went all crazy with her friends that she left our group and went to the front. by the way she ignored me all day today and yesterday. she doesn't want to talk to me but after the break up i tried to flirt with her because i said we are not sure that we will find some one else. because i tell her that she wont find some who treats her the way i treat her. (look at my other questions to see what she has done to me). please any advise because i really want her back and i have a feeling that she still Loves me because she isn;t talking to me and she doesn't want to flirt with me. i really don't know why. i just want her to be happy thats why i made the decision so she can see that i want her to be happy and to show her that i care about her. Please any advise i want her back.

Please be so kind to leave comments not bad about me or her please.

Please give me advise!


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You exactly sound like my bf! Well, this is a tough one cuz I really don’t know why she acts like this. One possibility is that she doesn’t like you anymore and she knows that you love her, so she tires to ignore you and sound really happy as a single girl so you can move on easily and go find a new gf. The other one is that she is still into you but she really thinks that u r not “the one” for her cuz she is still young and there are tons of other eligible guys out there for him somewhere. Also this is good that you gave her a break which it seems that she slept on it long enough and made a choice that she thinks is right for her! Also it’s obvious that she gives some bad advices from her peers that made her to treat you like this! The best thing is to wait for her till she comes back from her Europe trip and go back to her, bust DO NOT talk about you two come back together, she will change after the trip and would realize that it is true, no one is better than you for her. But still she wouldn’t get back cuz she would feel kinda guilty that she treated you that way. So if you really want to be with her, just wait and let her decide herself and do not push her to convince her that you are the best one for her. Just let her to figure it out herself which it would take a long time, maybe 6 months! And tell everyone in the school that you only want her and u r not going to date anyone so she can hear it from others later. TIME is your key to have her back, believe me. But remember, do not make her think that you do not like her anymore, then she’ll start dating with the guys that she even won’t like just to forget you (I do think that she still likes you and the second possibility is what is going on) good luck! Hope that’s the case and she will come back to you after a while!

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