Is this women I met online fake?

Do you think this women is fake?

Sorry I forgot to add a few details so this is a repost.

I met this girl online, and we started talking stuff, and we started flirting alot. She was supposed to be engaged, but her fiance got shot in Italy in drive by shooting, and he was in the wrong place, at wrong time. She has a son, and we were flirting, and we just had sex text.

I mean we talk about our real lives, I'm pretty sure she wouldn't have to fake or make up all that, but who knows? I feel kind of weird lol, how do you know if a woman is fake?

Her fiance dying was a year and 4 months ago.

EDIT: We did text sex, and as soon as we did, she logged off. She told me she was gonna give me pics tomorrow, so I could see if she is real. But she logged off as soon we finished. Is she really real or is she fake? She also did say she was very tired, so when she logged off, and logged back on I told her to go to sleep, but she didn't say anything/no goodbye, etc..

Answer on Is this women I met online fake?

I'm in the same situation, I'm probably going to suggest the person who said to write bubble box as the same thing. Though, I do have feelings she is fake, I guess not or something, or whatever.

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